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Urge Congress to Support Full UN Funding in National Budget


President Obama included full funding for the UN regular budget and UN Peacekeeping in his FY 2013 budget proposal. Our work is far from over as Congress begins to review the budget. Urge them to follow the President's lead and support full funding. By paying our dues to the UN, we can:

 --Support peacekeeping and peace building in 15 nations, including Sudan and Haiti.
 --Strengthen international security, by combating international terrorism and addressing nuclear non-proliferation.
 --Prevent and control disease outbreak, including the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and polio.

Tell Congress, the President's request echoes 86% of American voters who believe it is important the United States maintain an active role within the UN. Working together with the UN is vital to achieving peace and security around the world.

Tell your representative today to stand strong with the Obama Administration and support full funding for the UN and UN peacekeeping missions.

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U.S. House of Representatives
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We must fulfill our commitments to fund the United Nations, its agencies, and its critical work worldwide.

I support the Obama Administration's budget proposal for FY2013 that includes full funding for the United Nations and UN peacekeeping. Recent bipartisan polling by the Better World Campaign shows that the majority of Americans -- across party lines -- view the UN as a vital global forum.

The United States cannot combat the world's challenges alone, nor should it be asked to do so. The UN is an essential partner of the U.S. in combating global challenges, including current situations in Libya, Haiti, Sudan, the Ivory Coast and around the world.

The United States simply cannot walk away from its responsibility as a great nation.

Please - use your voice in Congress to reaffirm your support for full funding for the UN and UN peacekeeping operations during FY2013 budget negotiations.


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