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Urge Congress to Continue US Investment in Women’s Health


We know that access to family planning and reproductive health is critical for women’s health and well-being. Yet, 222 million women around the world still lack access to family planning.

Did you know that for every $100 million the US spends on family planning, 1.5 million unintended pregnancies are avoided, 4,000 maternal deaths are prevented, and 20,000 fewer children lose their mothers?

On April 10th, President Obama released his FY2014 budget which calls for robust funding for international family planning and reproductive health programs. But this is under threat as the budget debates continue in Congress.

If you believe that no woman’s access to contraception or reproductive health care should be based on where she lives—that all women have the right to make decisions about if, when, and how often to have children—sign this petition today.

Urge Congress to continue US investment in women’s health by supporting international family planning assistance in the budget. Tell your Senators and Representative that health matters for every woman.

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