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Urge China to stop Organ Harvesting

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Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of
Falun Gong Practitioners in China

It is alleged that Falun Gong practitioners are victims of live organ harvesting throughout China. The allegation is that organ harvesting is inflicted on unwilling Falun Gong practitioners at a wide variety of locations, pursuant to a systematic policy, in large numbers.


Organ harvesting is a step in organ transplants. The purpose of organ harvesting is to provide organs for transplants. Transplants do not necessarily have to take place in the same place as the location of the organ harvesting. The two locations are often different; organs harvested in one place are shipped to another place for transplanting.


The allegation is further that the organs are harvested from the practitioners while they are still alive. The practitioners are killed in the course of the organ harvesting operations or immediately thereafter. These operations are a form of murder.


Finally, we are told that the practitioners killed in this way are then cremated. There is no corpse left to examine to identify as the source of an organ transplant.


Corruption is a major problem across China. State institutions are sometimes run for the benefit of those in charge of them rather than for the benefit of the people. Occasionally, China engages in "Strike Hard" against corruption.


But, in the absence of rule of law and democracy, where secrecy holds sway and public accounting of public funds is absent, these anti-corruption campaigns seem to be more power struggles than true anti-corruption drives. They are attempts to placate public concern about corruption, politicized public relations drives.


The sale of organs is a money driven problem. But that is different from saying that it is a corruption problem. The sale of organs from unwilling donors combines hatred with greed. A state policy of persecution is acted out in a financially profitable way.



Profiteering hospitals take advantage of a defenceless captive prison population in their regions. The people are in prison without rights, at the disposition of the authorities. The incitement to hatred against prisoners and their dehumanization means that they can be butchered and killed without qualms by those who buy into this official hate propaganda.



China has the death penalty for a large number of offences including strictly political and economic crimes where there is no suggestion that the accused has committed a violent act. To go from executing no one to killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs without their consent is a large step. To go from executing prisoners sentenced to death for political or economic crimes and harvesting their organs without their consent to killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs without their consent is a good deal smaller step.


It would be difficult to believe that a state which killed no one, which had no death penalty, which harvested the organs of no one else without their consent, would harvest the organs of Falun Gong practitioners without their consent. It is a good deal easier to believe that a state which executes prisoners sentenced to death for economic or political crimes and harvests their organs without their consent would also kill Falun Gong practitioners for their organs without their consent.


The Falun Gong constitutes a prison population who the Chinese authorities vilify, dehumanize, depersonalize, marginalize even more than executed prisoners sentenced to death for criminal offences. Indeed, if one considers only the official rhetoric directed against the two populations, it would seem that the Falun Gong would be a target for organ harvesting even before prisoners sentenced to death.


Urge China to stop organ Harvesting !



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