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Urge Chicago Sports Retailers to Stop Selling Homophobic T-Shirts

Chicago-area T-shirt retailers Crosstown Tees and Chi-City Tees are selling at least two T-shirts that take the word "gay" and make it mean "weak" and "loser".  It's an attempt to be funny, but unfortunately it just fosters an unhealthy stereotype.  Write both of these retailers today and ask them to stop selling a T-shirt that uses the word "gay" in a derogatory sense.



Letter to
Crosstown Tees
Chi-City Tees
Both Crosstown Tees and Chi-City Tees are currently offering at least two T-shirts for sale that use the word "gay" as a negative slur. These two T-shirts, (1) Sox Parade Cubs Parade, and (2) Wrigley Field World's Largest Gay Bar, use the word "gay" as a synonym for "weak" or "loser."

They are poor attempts to be funny.

Instead, they foster a homophobic stereotype that suggests that it's not only appropriate to use the word "gay" as an insult, it's humorous. It's not. Words have consequences, and language has the power to reinforce unhealthy attitudes and beliefs.

Please consider pulling these two homophobic T-shirts from your inventory. Being funny is one thing. Calling someone "gay" as an insult, however, is not funny. It's hurtful, and it deserves to be condemned.

Thank you.

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