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Pay your interns in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Law

Four out of five young people can't afford to do an unpaid internship in London, and yet intern positions have become a CV 'must have' to enter many sought-after careers. The National Minimum Wage Law requires everyone doing work, outside of a charity or a university placement, to be paid minimum wage - and yet employers continue to shut out anyone who can't afford to work for free, and many young people still don't know their rights.

Urban Outfitters relies on a youth market as its customer base, yet is exploiting young people, most recently posting a PR intern position that involves 6 months of unpaid full-time work and travel only covered in zones 1 and 2. Let Urban Outfitters know that this is not okay and fear of the bad press involved will end this unfair, socially divisive practice where law enforcement and ethical conscience have fallen short.

Although Urban Outfitters are only one of many rich, successful companies not paying their interns, this high-profile takedown will help spread the word that illegal unpaid internships must end now. Every petition signature sends an email directly to UO's careers and press departments, so please share so we can bug them into submission!

Letter to
Urban Outfitters Press Department
Urban Outfitters
I agree that Urban Outfitters must immediately start paying all its UK interns in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Law, and stop exploiting the very people that it targets as a customer base.

Urban Outfitters has a chance to stop supporting this unfair, socially irresponsible practice now, and receive good press rather than criticism. This will have a positive impact on its brand image in the UK, as well as avoiding trouble with the HMRC (who will otherwise be informed).

I look forward to hearing that Urban Outfitters has become another company that rejects unpaid internships and supports young people of all backgrounds by offering only paid opportunities.