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Urban Outfitters, INC.: Edit the painted display at the Urban Outfitters store in Manhattan

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During a trip to NYC on 1/6/13, I noticed an Urban Outfitters on 59th & 3rd Av in Manhattan. It has a large second story display and I was appreciating the painted art on the windows, until I noticed the only woman featured. She was a full bodied silhouette, though did not seem to be wearing clothes, and was bending over with her butt in the air. There were other characters painted as well, an "Indian," an astronaut, a cowboy, and a football player, all of which could have been women, but judging by their lack of feminine characteristics, when compared to the bare silhouette, seemed masculine.


So Urban Outfitters, why do you include this degrading and imbalanced image in your display? It would be fine if the image only included non-gendered characters, in fact even empowering for young women who shop at your store, BUT it doesn't. This portrayal of women is unacceptable, degrading and practices like these should be stopped.  As you mention in the company's profile on your website,, "Our established ability to understand our customers and connect with them on an emotional level."  Therefore, use this emotional level of connectedness to hear your customer base and stop exploiting women. 


Please sign this petition in support of asking Urban Outfitters to end displays which exploit women and instead use their creativity to paint art that empowers women!


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