Urban Gun Violence: Protect & Save Black Lives From Harmful Music Content on Urban Radio

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We are the community. We are the adults. We are the protectors of our children. As a father, I can no longer remain passive and not voice my concern about the messages that are being programmed, sent via Urban Radio Stations and delivered to the ears and minds of the youth in urban cities across this country.

By no means am I  highlighting or attacking any particular artist. I believe in the freedom of artistic expression. With freedom comes responsibility. This petition focuses on the programming.

Our children are being negatively influenced by the content programmed on urban radio stations by its hired programmers. The influence can be seen by the major gun violence that occur in these areas at a tremendously high rate. Songs that boast and brag about the murdering of Black men are played daily. WHY?? Especially when killings among Blacks are a major problem in these areas. In 2017 Baltimore was named the most dangerous city in the U.S. Among the names behind the 2017 murders is Jonathan Tobash, a 19 year old college student at Morgan State University who embodied the best hopes of his Baltimore community. Police say he was shot and killed near his home when he stumbled upon a robbery in progress at a convenience store. Then there is Sean Armstrong, a 31 year old working man and father of three was fatally shot at a carwash in Baltimore. Baltimore posted 343 homicides in 2017. 88% were killed with a firearm, including 295 with a handgun and six with a shotgun or rifle according to Baltimore police data. About 44% of the suspects had previously been arrested for gun charges.

Americans are 128 times more likely to be killed in everyday gun violence than by any act of terrorism. A Black person living in an urban area is almost 500 times likely to be killed by gun violence than by terrorism. The first step to treating this epidemic of firearm violence is declaring that the everyday violence that is devastating our inner cities is unacceptable. Mass shootings and terrorist attacks should not be the only incidents of violence that awaken Americans to the threat of our freedom and spur politicians to action.

Our children should not be subjected to the mental poison that is fed to them subconsciously through urban radio content. Our elected officials MUST ACT by:

1. Passing a law that prohibits songs to be played on the radio in urban markets that promote, hint, boast or insinuate the killing/murdering of a Black man.

Of Baltimore's 343 homicides in 2017, 90% of the victims were Black and 90% were male. 65% were between the ages of 18-34. This age range is urban radio's target age demographic when promoting the misguided content in question.

2. Passing a law that prohibits urban radio stations from playing songs that has the word gun or any word that describes a gun with the intent to harm another Black man.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that of the 12.979 firearm homicides nationwide in 2015, 81% occurred in urban areas. 


Please sign this petition and demand a comprehensive and effective bill be immediately brought before congress to address these programming issues with Urban Radio stations and reduce lives lost by gun violence.


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