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Make 25KM footpaths & cycle-paths a minimum requirement for every Smart City by 2019

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Dear friends,

As India is rapidly urbanizing, the cities are already choking with motor vehicles.  Crossing the streets, walking for basic chores, cycling to work (let alone for recreation) are becoming death-traps.  Unless we as citizens assert our basic right to walk or cycle, we will be dealing with serious hazards on the roads within the next 3 years.  If grown-ups, in their prime of health, find it hard to negotiate this daily situation on the streets, imagine the plight of senior citizens and children!  

The solution is simple.  In less than 5% of the budgets allocated for Smart Cities, a highly viable network of foot-paths and cycle-paths can be built and restored.  What's more, that one step alone can elevate the quality of living by more than 20% - Not a hard fact to grasp, if you can imagine the convenience of leaving home without an automobile and still being able to get a lot done - with a great sense of comfort and safety.

Time to act is now.  Please sign this petition and share it with as many of your friends, family, & colleagues as possible, and get them to sign it too.  Armed with your support, we will persuade the Urban Development Ministers, Municipality Commissioners, Smart City Authorities, and District Collectors to put this action on a high priority.

Let's reclaim our streets for the sake of safety of our children and parents and for the future of "real life" within our cities.

Thank you.

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