Save Yamuna, STOP Landfill on Yamuna River in Delhi

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DDA is proposing a landfill site in Yamuna River floodplain in Delhi in Ghoda Gujran and Sonia Vihar.

East Delhi Municipal Corporation is supporting this idea.

Delhi Govt. is silent and not opposing it in the court.

Delhi Environment Ministry is silent on the issue and not opposing it in the court.

This is illegal and criminal and will affect lives of 25 lakhs citizens of North East Delhi.

It will pollute ground water and river yamuna.

It will further damage the air quality of Delhi.

This is world's highest densely populated district.

Our demands -

  • 1. DDA should withdraw the proposal of landfill in Yamuna river
  • 2. East Delhi Municipal Corporation should pass a resolution against landfill on Yamuna
  • 3. Delhi Govt should oppose it in the court by sending eminent lawyers against the landfill
  • 4. Delhi Govt. water and environment ministry should oppose it in the court