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Information on Urban Archery in Atlanta, GA

Urban Archery
Durham, NC

Nov 23, 2012 —

Great article on hunter Willie Johnson, who is an urban deer hunter in the huge city of Atlanta, GA (if Atlanta can have an urban archery program surely Durham can!); Mr. Johnson discusses archery safety and having to deal with concerned citizens and shows that their concerns are not warranted given the safety he and other bow hunters practice during urban archery hunts.

Motivated deer are on the move; motorists beware
Motivated deer are on the move; motorists beware
November is the peak month for encounters between motor vehicles and deer, and they don’t just happen in the country. According to the state DOT, 90 percent of animal-vehicle collisions involve deer. In 2009 through 2011, there were 61,046 such collisions reported in North Carolina, including 17 fatalities.