Sign a Deal for the Entire Hill District!

Sign a Deal for the Entire Hill District!

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Hill Community Development Corporation started this petition to City of Pittsburgh Planning Commission and

OUR REQUEST - Do Not Approve Until We Have a Signed Agreement!

We are asking the Planning Commission, Councilman Lavelle, Mayor's Office, SEA, and URA to not approve this development UNTIL there is a signed Community Reinvestment Agreement for how those previously made commitments will be realized in this first phase of development to maximize returns to the Hill District community and minimize impacts of gentrification and displacement.


The Pens and their Development Team are pushing their first Lower Hill development, a 26-story office tower and accompanying green space, through the regulatory process despite:

  • Going against the Community's unified and democratic community review process with two sets of failed scores demonstrating a lack of alignment with the Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan (CCIP - Community Benefits Agreement for the 28-Acre site) as well as the Greater Hill District Master Plan (GHDMP).  Read the details here.
  • Out of 66 action items in the 7 focus areas and Greater Reinvestment Fund Funding Streams the current proposal is only meeting 5 out of 66 for Block G1 and 7 out of 66 for Block G4.
  • An abysmal Development Activities Meeting at which 200+ strong spent 3 hours without one positive comment, feedback which the Development Team has not yet responded to.  Read a recap here
  • Not yet reaching agreement on a signed Community Reinvestment Agreement for how CCIP commitments will be met in this first phase of development.

The URA Special Board Meeting for Lower Hill Block G1 and Block G4 is scheduled for this upcoming Thursday, June 10th at 2:00 PM.  At this public meeting, the URA Board will vote whether to approve transferring ownership to the Development Team for $10 for Block G1 and $10 for Block G4.

For context, the Pittsburgh Penguins is the 3rd wealthiest NHL Franchise in the country, Clay Cove Capital is one of the largest minority owned investment firms in the country, Buccini Pollin Group is a national private real estate company with assets in excess of $5 billion, and FNB holds assets in excess of $35 billion.

This development, especially now that the Pens secretly lobbied the Trump Administration to change a Census Tract boundary behind the community's back, has the potential to accelerate gentrification and displacement in the Hill District.  As a reminder, the demolition of the Lower Hill displaced over 8,000 residents, 1,300 buildings, and over 300 businesses.

Negotiations are active trying to reach agreement.  On March 31, 2021, the Hill CDC submitted 18 innovative proposals to the Development Team and 8 proposals to our Government Partners (incorporating EMC, DRP, and DAM feedback) to improve alignment with the CCIP (and GHDMP).  We have reached tentative agreement on all 8 proposals to our Government Partners thanks to Councilman Lavelle.

To the contrary, in an April 8th Response by the Development Team, of the 18 proposals offered:

  • 13 were either unmet and/or unaddressed
  • 2 were partially met
  • 1 was met (involving public money)
  • 2 alternative proposals were offered involving the restructuring of the payout of public money

Read the Development Team's original proposal, Hill CDC's additional proposals, and more information here.

We need your voice and input to protect our historic Black community, the Hill District so that history does not repeat itself!

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!