UQ Civil Engineering Study Space

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We would like to have access to a Civil Engineering Study Space for civil engineering students. A study space exclusive to Civil engineering students would benefit our learning and development as engineers in many ways.

Currently, many students study in 49-316 (AEB), however, as this is a teaching room, students are frequently required to relocate when classes are held, resulting in valuable study time being used to find a new place to work. A collaborative space is also needed for group projects (in particular, CIVL4514 and CIVL4516) which is not possible in spaces like the library. Whilst accommodating general study and group project work, a general civil space will also give 2nd and 3rd year students the opportunity to meet older students, seek advice and find mentors.

There is also evidence of students in other disciplines benefitting from the study spaces provided by their respective Schools.  Mechanical Engineering students utilise a study space, TV Krok, which was renovated at the start of 2018 using input and advice from students. It is the home for Mechanical Engineering students and has made the Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS) what it is today. Don Nicklin is a study space and common area for Chemical Engineering Students. The space includes 2 computer rooms, common area, and kitchenette (including a fridge, microwave, hot/cold water tap and sandwich press). These spaces foster community between the Chemical Engineering students. Electrical and Software Engineering students have 24 hour access to ITLC, a space that allows students to have team meeting and work collaboratively.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the EAIT Faculty, the University of Queensland and additional parties to assist in enriching our UQ experience by providing a study space for Civil Engineering Students.

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