Upwork please include Armenia to Europe

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Armenia is known as a European country but unfortunately not in Upwork

Hello Dear Armenian Freelancers who work or are going to work on the biggest freelance platform upwork.com
So, today I want to speak out about the general issue related to this platform that I have met many times and I’m more than sure you have faced it too. So the issue is when clients not that they want to work only with freelancers based in Europe.
I assume you have already faced this issue, it is where in the job posting clients mention the criteria of accepting freelancers from Europe only. Usually it show on top of the job posting that you don’t meet all criteria
Mostly in these cases we ignore this fact and submit application for the certain job. Unfortunately some of the clients don’t ignore this fact and this can be a huge obstacle for all of us. They just see that you don't match to their criteria and decline the proposal. Is this Fair?
We apply to the job because we believe that we are European and not Asian country. But not all clients are aware of this and don’t know geographical location of our country and especially the European mentality of our nation.
Still I consider this is very unfair and we must talk about this issue. Who is with me to fight for this?

Here is some fact about Euro orientation of Armenia and other relationships:

Drawing conclusions I become to thoughts that it's not rightly to consider Armenia as an non-european country.

Dear Upwork team please look onto documents below and include Armenia to Europe. Armenian freelancers hope for your fair conclusion!

Thank you in advance!

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