Help Influence Change in the Operation of the Wildwood Dam & Reservoir by UTRCA

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We believe that the Upper Thames Conservation Authority (UTRCA) operates the Wildwood Dam & Reservoir water levels too high in the spring and summer months, which is resulting in flooding through Trout Creek. We have provided alternative solutions to the UTRCA for managing the dam that will reduce the risk of flooding while also allowing them to maintain their required flow levels throughout the spring, summer and fall. However after several failed attempts to work alongside UTRCA, our requests have fallen on deaf ears. Therefore, we are looking for your support in taking action for change.


By holding water in the dam at their target levels, the reservoir is unable to absorb additional water, forcing the UTRCA to flood Trout Creek when rainfall occurs during the months of April, May and June. As a result of the flooding:

  • Farmers fields along Trout Creek are being flooded, affecting crops and livestock,
  • Parks and backyards, along Trout Creek, are flooded,
  • The St. Marys Golf & Country Club (SMGCC) is shut down from operating for significant time periods (during a critical time period for this community asset),
  • SMGCC golf members are forced to spend additional funds elsewhere to play golf, and
  • SMGCC managers are forced to cut staff hours, resulting in lost income for SMGCC employees


We need your help in taking action to influence the UTRCA to modify their operating guidelines, which we believe will provide a win-win for all parties involved. Otherwise, the flooding will continue and the farmer's fields and golf course will continue to be negatively affected by regular spring and early summer rainfall.


We believe that the UTRCA can adjust the reservoir levels down below their spring and (early) summer targets, while still maintaining their required water flow throughout the season. The new suggested targets, if managed correctly, will allow the reservoir to sustain rainfall events without the need to open the dam to release excessive water levels, resulting in less floods. This way, farmers will lose less crops, parks will be able to be used, and golfers will be able to play SMGCC throughout the season.