Permit residents of Southampton Township free access to Community Center during Open Gyms.

Permit residents of Southampton Township free access to Community Center during Open Gyms.

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Started by Colleen Finnegan

Community centers are integral components of many towns. In most communities, these centers are the heart of the community and bring both unity and stability to the town’s people. They are built and operated solely on taxes collected from their local residents and the groups that patronize their programs.  The purpose of a community center is multi-faceted as they serve the community in several important ways. These centers are designed to promote volunteerism and healthy life styles.  They are centers that combat loneliness and mischievous behaviors by encouraging culture and creativity. They provide opportunities for various experiences including athletics, academics, social networking, and political discussions. In essence, community centers  are public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.  Above all, one of the greatest services provided by a community center is the positive impact on the lives of children.  

Did you know that our Southampton Community Center is now charging their own tax paying population (children) and the groups (kids on our teams) that ‘pay-to-play’ at Southampton Community Center?   Charging children to PLAY defies all natural logic and removes the possibility of children improving their craft, and in some cases, accessing any type of physical activity in their own neighborhood!!!!    These centers should be free to those who fund and support their very existence.

Please help us convince the Upper Southampton Department of Recreation and the Board of Supervisors that the ‘open gym’ sessions have turned into CLOSED DOORS when they instituted a $10 fee to access the courts.  This newly imposed charge is hurting our township by turning our kids away from the community center. This center is a physical and social outlet to children. It is a safe-haven for many that keeps them physically safe and promotes healthy lifestyles and positive social interactions.

Please demand that the township center support our youth just as the residents of Southampton support the Department of Recreation and all its programs.  The leaders of Upper Southampton Township need to realize that OPEN GYM sessions require an OPEN DOOR policy at the center and the OPEN HEARTS of its supervisors!!!

By all means, charge those who reside outside the township and do not pay for the community center through taxes, BUT DON’T CHARGE THE FAMILIES THAT ARE FUNDING THE BUILDING’S OPERATIONS. 

362 have signed. Let’s get to 500!