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Do not cut valuable programs such as kindergarten, music and/or sports

Currently, Upper Perkiomen School District is facing a budget crisis. The school board and administrators are threatening a True Zero Budget, which could have a negative effect on our students, teachers and our community. The superintendent is scheduled to present the True Zero Budget on April 11th. If majority of the school board votes for a True Zero Budget then valuable programs such as kindergarten, music, and/or athletics could be cut. Right now it is just speculation, but let's sign this petition to show our support for these valuable programs to remain in our school district. This petition is just one of many ways to show our support for such valuable programs! Another way to show support is to attend the school board meeting on the 11th and May 9th. As well you can attend the Finance Committe meeting on April 25th.  We need to let our school board and administrators know that our children's success in the future begins with a kindergarten program and strengthened through participation in music and sports!

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