Postpone UHC Senior Practise Exams Until The Last Week Of School

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Upper Hutt College has recently been victim to a fire that has burnt down one of the tech blocks at our school. This has resulted in students not being able to attend school from Tuesday 3rd September through to Friday 6th September - the last week before our mock exams. Students will not be able to return to school until the 18th September, and seniors are expected to go to their exams next week starting Monday 9th September.

This means for students that hadn’t even been taught what to do for their mocks yet, they will go in having no idea on what they’re doing. This also means no in-class studying, that would allow immediate help from our teachers, and students who left their work in class last week won’t have their necessary materials needed to study. I’m sure there are many other things that this has caused that will inhibit the students at UHC and their capability to study. Resulting in students who won’t be able to go into their exams with full confidence.

I, as a student of Upper Hutt College, ask you on behalf of the seniors at our school to sign this petition, in hope that they postpone our practise exams to a time that allows students to give 110%. By having our practise exams in the last week of school, it allows us to have that full week of in-school learning that we missed out on because of the fire. I know I can say that a lot of us aren’t prepared because of the recent events at our school, and we need that week at school before exams so that the teachers can actually teach their classes what to do.

Thank you,

A senior student from Upper Hutt College.