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I oppose the proposed land swap of the publicly owned reserve known as the Silverstream Spur, to stop a major road being constructed from the bottom of Kiln Street right through this greenbelt reserve.

I petition the Upper Hutt City Council to not proceed with this swap of prime public land for steep inferior land owned by Guildford Timber Company.

This road would give Guildford easy access through the Spur to construct a massive housing development on the Spur and hilltops that could dwarf the existing suburbs of Pinehaven and Silverstream.

If it proceeds it will create major traffic increases in Silverstream and the roundabouts, create a real danger of major flooding and landslips in Pinehaven and Silverstream and permanently destroy the visual beauty and character of the area.

The Spur should remain a protected public reserve and should be retained for the recreational enjoyment of the entire Hutt Valley community and for future generations.