Protecting the Silverstream Spur for future generations

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Please help us by signing this petition to support Silver Stream Railway in its efforts to stop residential development on the land known as Silverstream Spur and ask that the Upper Hutt City Council to formally set the land aside as a reserve as it was originally intended, so it can become an ecological and recreational  area that can be enjoyed both now and by future generations. 

Silver Stream Railway (SSR) is a nationally important tourism attraction and is an important community and strategic asset for Upper Hutt City and the greater Wellington Region. Many hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have visited the railway since the first rides were offered back in 1978. A registered charity, the railway is operated entirely by volunteers.

Silver Stream Railway shares most of its boundary with land known as the Silverstream Spur. In 2016 it was revealed that Council had signed a Memorandum of Understanding to swap the entire Silverstream Spur for steep unviable areas of land owned by the Guildford Timber Company that were not required for its proposed development of 1000-3000 homes in the area. Public opposition to this document has been strong, due in part to the complete lack of public consultation on the issue, especially after the public feeling was so strongly opposed to the sale of the same land only 2 years previous.

Silver Stream Railway consider that the proposed land swap of the total area of the Upper Hutt City Council owned Silverstream Spur for the proposed portions of land currently owned by the Guildford Timber Company will undermine the ability to continue to operate the railway and would therefore lead to the demise of the railway facility.

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