Relocate or fire Mr. Main From Centennial

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Ever since Mr. Cako left Centennial and Mr. Main took over, this school has become a prison. This dude gets paid to stare at people on a security camera just to try and bust them. I swear this guy tries to get specific groups of people in trouble. And his punishment system is the worst system I've ever seen at any school I have been to. He gives certain people more chances and warnings than others. Basically just targeting specific students. And no matter what reason you have, he will send you straight to class. I honestly think this guy doesn't care about the students at all and  just cares to make our lives hell while we are in that building so he can collect his paycheck. And he also thinks he can just start checking peoples bags without reason or police with him. This school is literally more of a prison than a school at this point and it's like this guy is the prison warden. The list of complaints against Mr. Main could go on and on forever. Honestly if he gets relocated instead of fired then I feel bad for whoever gets him as their vice principal because Mr. Main is just the worst VP in this school board.