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Renovate vs Rebuild the Sandy Run Middle School - let's educate ourselves on the options!

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Yes, the Sandy Run Middle School (SRMS) is not perfect and yes SRMS needs a lot of work, but does a new school need to be built for $70million? This would put Upper Dublin further into debt and increase our taxes. Could there be more cost effective options that yield the same, if not better results? Moreover, it seems the District has obtained an estimate from only 1 engineering firm; shouldn't we demand at least 2 more estimates from other companies?

Let's ask the School Board to slow down and evaluate all possible options and to obtain more information about renovating the school instead of rushing to rebuild. The community should be informed about all renovation options, not just rebuild options.

Furthermore, rebuilding vs renovation puts $70million of new debt in one building and ignores the needs of the other compromised elementary schools and the high school, which needs a lot of continued maintenance. SRMS and the equally old buildings have all been ignored too long. Additionally, the rebuilding proposal does not currently include keeping the planetarium which would be a huge loss for our community and our current curriculum!

It seems this project is being rushed and for the wrong reasons. Why not consider all the options before making this very important decision and consult with other firms that specialize in renovations with energy cost savings.

Things you can do to help:

1. Please sign if you agree

2. Please come to the School Board Legislative Board Meeting on Monday, October 9th at 7pm (UD High School - Cardinal Room) where the SRMS Review Committee will present their proposal. (This agenda item was postponed at the meeting on September 11th, 2017 - now moved to one month later)

3. Educate Yourself: 

4. Please Share with Friends, Neighbors & other Concerned Parents! Time is of the Essence!

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