Approve the Aronimink Elementary School Expansion

Approve the Aronimink Elementary School Expansion

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The UDSD wishes to expand Aronimink Elementary school as a first step in the renovation of all elementary schools & the expansion of some, as well as be able to Close Charles Kelly & Walter Senkow. UD Twp will be voting on the approval for this expansion tonight at the 7 pm meeting.

All UDSD elementary schools as well as the 2 existing middle schools are over crowded & will meet or exceed max capacity in another year or 2. The school district needs to do something to correct this. The schools are also in need of updating & renovation. The district plans to renovate Aronimink during the expansion to provide a state of the art educational experience for all that attend. They then plan to move the kindergarten students to Aronimink so they can move the Senkow students to the Kindergarten center & close down that school, bringing our kids back into the district. Further into the district wide project they will also be able to move the Kelly students & close that school as well, leaving the district with no rental properties. They are also planning to open an additional elementary school. Up until yestersay their plan was to build a new school on 69th street. This plan has now changed because they have been notified that the land they were hoping to use is in a flood plain.

Currently some of our kids are being sent all the way to Glenolden to attend school. Others to the opposite side of the district. This project when completed will allow all students to attend school in their home elementary school & will provide for all students to have the same state of the art educational experience that the Aronimink students will already be receiving at that point. 

There are 2 other petitions to stop this from happening. Some of those who have started these petitions have claimed that this project hurts the community around Aronimink, takes away valuable green space & will create a bad atmosphere for the students. Most of the people in favor of stopping the project aren't concerned about the students of the district, they're only concerned about the students that attend Aronimink. The argument of many is that they pay more taxes than the rest of us. The argument of others is that our kids shouldn't be attending their school, nevermind that their kids attend our middle schools & high school, nevermind that we're all in the same district. They feel they are entitled to only having in the area of 250 students in there school while every other elementary school houses at least double that, while Highland Park houses 800, while Bywood houses 700. They don't care that these improvements will raise their property value which is already much higher than many of ours. They aren't telling you that this "wasted green space" is literally the size of a faculty parking lot which is not very big because the space the new expansion will sit on is currently black top. They don't care about the conditions for the rest of the students as long as the students that attend Aronimink are not affected.

When the projects that will take several years to complete are finished every school will be able to house close to the same amount of students with the exception of the mega elementary school the district plans to open. This project is in itself several years from completion. The people that don't want Aronimink to be expanded claim that the mega elementary school should be opened first before Aronimink is touched. The problem is that the Aronimink expansion will be completed in 1 year, with the renovations to the existing school taking place within the following year & the other will take several years. Now to add to the additional time planning & development will take to build a new school the district also has to find a new property after the news they've just received from FEMA. Continuing to consider utilizing this property for a new school will also add a considerable delay in the expansion project because the district will have to undergo several state & federal reviews before they can even begin to build. In addition there would be higher taxes associated with building here as well as longer planning & development times to combat any drainage & flooding issues.

There are others that may or may not be against this project that wish to stop tonight's meeting because they feel it is unfair for the township to hold this meeting because of the current situation caused by COVID-19. The issue with this is that the district is working on a time line that is quickly narrowing. If this vote doesn't happen tonight then the district will likely have to put off any expansion projects for yet another school year. We already have one school project that has been held up another year, doing this too will only have a further negative impact on our children's education. Arguing that the people have a right to be able to attend the meeting to voice concerns is also a moot point. Both the district & the township have provided adequate information on how to voice concerns to the township & district while maintaining social distancing. This is a project that has also been discussed for months at township & school board meetings. Further an average of 30 people or less attend the council meetings, if people were truly concerned about attending these meetings then many more would be showing up.

The school district doesn't have several years to work out moving students, they need to move students now. If you agree that the district needs to do whatever it takes to immediately relieve the stress of overcrowding then you need to sign this petition. If you believe that ALL of the students deserve the education that the Aronimink students receive then you need to sign this petition. If you believe that the parents & students of Aronimink are not entitled simply because they live in a nicer neighborhood or pay a higher dollar amount in taxes because their property value is higher then you need to sign this petition. If you believe that these changes need to happen immediately instead of putting it off for another school year, causing even more overcrowding then you need to sign this petition.


This isn't about which political party you support or if you love or hate the new administration, how much you miss Miccozzie or how much you can't stand Keffer, whether you trust them or not. It doesn't matter if you're republican, democrat, independent, libertarian or whatever. This is about the future of our children & their education. If you live in Upper Darby Township or Upper Darby School District or are a business owner in either then you have a voice. 


If you believe in providing for a better education for ALL UPPER DARBY SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS then please, sign this petition!



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Joe Clark & Sadie Thomas

Upper Darby Township


7th district

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