Hold the dealers of fentanyl accountable for people deaths!!!

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In Canada its time to change the way the dealers are not being held accountability for there actions......Due to many deaths to any kind of drugs specially fentanyl and ice....These dealers get a slap on the wrist....These dealers specially the one who know what they are selling out there needs to be held for every single person death ..Yes the ones who choose to take the drugs are accountable for there own actions...

The dealers who knows they are selling the fentanyl and knowly the one they have will kill the person needs to be held 100 percent and jailed for life for every death they caused..We are losing our children at a fast rate leaving familys behind with the devastation ..... Why are these dealers getting away with giving these killer drugs?

Time to change our justice system in Canada ...Time to hold these drug dealers accountable for every single dealths  they have caused..Canada is far to easy to get away with alot n sending these dealers back on the street to go and again kill more lives..

Time to change our justice ⚖  system...You do the crime pay the time n every dealth should account for murder .   

Give these familys justice they need..#JusticeforShanice