Give Students Access to The Mt. Holyoke Doors

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Currently, the doors of Mt. Holyoke and the Band Lot are always locked (with the exception of the Mt. Holyoke Doors being unlocked during 1st period, which still is an inconvenience in the morning for students who have 1st period off). All teachers have a pass that they can scan which gives them access into the school with ease. Students do not have that. It serves as a large inconvenience to the seniors who have assigned parking spots in either of these two lots. This causes a lot of students to be late to their classes in the morning, after lunch, and when they come back from the periods they have off. Us as students should not be getting punished for opening the doors for other students (i.e.- getting suspended, detentions, & getting called down to the office). There should be a compromise that allows students to gain access to the school without having to walk all the way around the school; possibly giving us scan passes similar to what the teachers and other staff members have to let us gain access into the school, or unlocking the doors at the beginning of the periods. But we hope the school understands that this is a bigger inconvenience to us than one may think, and there are easy fixes and solutions to the problem at hand that could still keep everyone in the school safe.