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Internet Freedom On School Computers When on Home Network

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Having a web filter at a place of education is completely logical, it helps students stay on task. However when this reaches into the home it has gone too far. I found today that my YouTube account on my school issued MacBook Air is stuck in restricted mode. It is well known that restricted mode in Youtube if flawed and often restricts videos that have no reason to be restricted. On top of that this is in my home, not in school. If a student wants to watch Youtube he or she should be allowed that. If we come together we can change this. It is completely understandable for there to be restrictions at school, but if the students family must pay money to receive the computer then the student should be able to use it. A prime example of this is that I am a guitarist and a dabble in other areas of music. In order to learn new songs I go to youtube to watch the songs being played by the artists who write and preform them. Without that it's very hard to learn and better my abilities as a musician. I encourage all who sign this to email the board of education and end this.

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