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UPMC: Take cases on an individual basis. Please pay for my mother's mastectomy!

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What if someone told you, "Since you are over 50 years old, your life is not worth saving."? That is exactly what the insurance company told my mother. Jackie Harr was diagnosed with an extremely evasive type of breast cancer 2 months after her 51st birthday. She has UPMC, which will cover a preventive subcutaneous mastectomy if you get breast cancer, but only if it is found before or at age 50. If her appointment would have been 2 months earlier, UPMC would have covered it. It was obvious that the cancer had been there for more than 2 months. It had spread to all the lymph nodes in that arm, which all had to be removed. She got lucky and they found it early. Most people who have this type of cancer, when they find it, only have about 2 months to live. She went thru 80 treatments of chemotherapy & 40 treatments of radiation. She has been cancer free for 4 years now. But she has almost a 70% chance it will come back. With a subcutaneous mastectomy, it would only be about 5%. But they have decided her life is not worth saving. What makes no sense to me is, that if the cancer comes back, they will cover the chemo and the radiation which costs over $20,000 each but they will not cover a $8,000 surgery that would prevent it from coming back in the first place. Please sign this petition; this could be your mother or your sister. I don't know about your family, but our family lives well into their 90s on average and she still has a lot of life yet to live! Please ask UPMC and other medical Insurance companies to use their statistics and rules more as guidelines instead of this "line in the sand" approach and to cover my mother’s subcutaneous mastectomy so that she, and others just like her, can live their lives without the constant fear that the cancer will return. Together we can right this wrong, please sign and share.

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