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Approve life-saving procedure for my sister's insurance before its too late.

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My name is Courtney McCluskey and I am making this petition for my little sister Casie McCluskey.
Casie is 5 months pregnant with a babygirl who was diagnosed with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome). A piece of her amniotic sac hadn't attached fully and was floating in the sac with the baby. Which isn't so rare, but what happened next is very rare. Something my sisters doctor hasn't seen in nearly 20 years.
The baby swallowed the amniotic band, whilst it was still attached on the other end. The amniotic band is sometimes described as fly paper because of how sticky it is, so that it can adhere to the sac. While the baby was flipping and swimming around, the band started to be ripped out from twisting around the umbilical cord (which explains all of the pain my sister has felt and is feeling). When the band was ripped out, it stayed attached to the baby's face and roof of her mouth, so essentially the baby has ripped part of her face off. It left a hole on the roof of her mouth and other openings, where her brain that was forming, escaped.
The baby is fully functioning and developed from the neck down, but because of this crazy turn of events, she has been deemed incompatible with life. She is only living because she is being protected by my sisters womb, but there is no way she can live outside of her.
The longer my sister carries the baby, the more fatal it is becoming to my sister.
Unfortunately, with the circumstances presented, my sister has to make a decision to do something she would've never thought of doing. My sister has to terminate her precious baby girl in order to live. I know how people are these days and I cannot express enough how this is NOT something she EVER wanted to have to do, but she has another daughter she also has to be there for.
I'm reaching out because all of this has been so exhausting and draining for her, between doctors appointments and not knowing the next steps and the fear of being ridiculed.
This is a very, very difficult time for all of us and we all wish there were another way, but crazy things happen and some babies are too beautiful for this earth.
Please don't leave rude messages/comments. This whole situation is heart-wrenching and we have no idea where to turn at this point.

My sister has UPMC health insurance and they will NOT cover any of the procedure, even though it is for medical reasons and fatal to her, they won't stop a beating heart. I'm making this petition to try and get signatures before it is too late for my sister.

UPMC should be able to pay at least part of this procedure because we are a family that lives paycheck to paycheck and no mother should have to pay herself to have this done. We are all struggling through this time and just ask if you could please sign this petition to help my little sister and her precious babygirl.

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