Upgrade Education System for Future

Upgrade Education System for Future

3 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aneela Javaid

Accordingly to the latest science and human wellness knowledge first 7 and 16 years of prime learning age play a foundation-building role in the rest of life.

To Raise a compatible next generation, we have an urgency to evolve the education system as a whole to ensure that upcoming generations are raised and equipped with the best of knowledge and practices. It is necessary not to overpower technology in human development. Hence we must plan to pass on the best of knowledge from meaningful subjects like social, welfare, peace, health, and other operating systems parallel to technological innovation.

Choices that have led to an imbalance in society, including crimes, drugs, and mental and physical health issues, should be addressed from an early age and also resolved efficiently to ensure a better tomorrow.

-Particularly maintaining the an environment in schools and other educational institutions where the system should not be disabling the potential of youth in the name of discipline. Like asking a child to stay silent unless asking a question! This little exercise creates issues for the future of all these students when they are asked to speak in an interview or deliver a talk on the stage. Disciplines that are damaging behaviour needed for the future must be re-planned wisely

-Did you know that in most schools, even today, children are asked to wait 2-3 hours before they can use a toilet? A child is not allowed to fill a water bottle for 3 hours this summer?
Where are human rights here?

-We are still using the curriculum that uses prime memory to register the answers about plant cells and algebra to test the capability of human potential. Answer to these questions still decides the future of our youth scales a person's capability by how well they memorize the answers to some irrelevant questions. Once the curriculum is rendered that the child starts to learn real-life questions all over again, like how to find a job, pay taxes or manage a business. Feel free to comment if anyone reading this has used algebra in the last 10-20-30-40+ years of your practical life. Then why were you ranked on that knowledge on your certificate when that had no use in real life?

Behaviour and manners are not infused as a culture, and we expect current social issues to simmer down even when we have closed our eyes to the roots of the cause. 

Mental health must be explored openly with children with issues, and the deliverer must not be the same institutions that have no success in impacting their region. Informed solutions must be planned and delivered by empaths and simple solution providers.

It should be prohibited for teachers to teach, implement or enforce anything that they do not practice themselves. For example, asking children to remain quiet at all times when they are chatting with each other every instance. 

Children issued must be respected and cared for. Like a child having a headache is forced to continue staying, whereas a teacher is allowed sympathy, discussion and relief on the same headache.

The curriculum should have three equivalent categories of 
Knowledge . real Life Skills, and Innovation or creativity

Upgrade institutional values, ethics and knowledge. 
Use the system to manage the other parallels. Institutional staff should be re-planned as a structure for delivery, but real teachers should be from the same field of work. A doctor teaching biology and an accountant for necessary accounting.

-- Method of logging a bullying complaint Ticket logging policy should be implemented, and privacy and priority of this subject should be systemized on a serious note. Teachers should not have the authority to cover issues with quietness and rather look with keen interest on both ends of the issue. Help and support the sufferer and find the root cause of anger or emotional issues of a child with bullying behaviour.
We must invest our priority in the future of humanity and care about them. Must have incentive schemes to encourage good behaviour and achievements in learning.
School staff and their behaviour must be monitored through students survey. Having authorities not knowing how to encourage good behaviour is limiting children's growth in the name of discipline.


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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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