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Request for official investigation into the decision surrounding the choice for Chief!

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Update/Revision of Original  Petition 11.16.16 - The original Change.Org petition showed your support in sending a message to the Council of Westerly that the Town Manager's decision should and must be overturned. In light of recent discovery, we have come to learn that the council could not and did not overturn the Town Manager's decision. Based on the charter, it is the Town Manager's decision alone to make the choice of Police Chief. His choice has many questioning how exactly he arrived at his decision. There are conflicting opinions on what the truth is regarding the three panels of oral board members and their recommendations. Mr. Kennedy attests that 2 out of 3 boards offered Chief Silva as their choice. The Westerly Police Union insists that that information is false, and that the majority decision from at least 2 of the 3 boards was the recommendation of Captain Lacey.

At this point in time we will take your support and once again approach the council and ask them to assist us in finding out from the Town Manager what led to his decision. What process did he follow? Why did he not take the recommendations of the boards, council members, police union, and citizens who asked him to stay within the Westerly Police Department and make the obvious choice of Chief of Police Shaun Lacey? Charter section C: Article II: 2-1-12 titled Investigations states that the Council may initiate investigations into the conduct of any Town Department, officers or agency and for this purpose may hold public hearings, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony and require the production of documents or other evidence.

The minutes of the Executive Session held on Thursday November 3rd 2016, were not sealed. Therefore, we ask that the council show transparency by disclosing the meeting minutes and/or content. 

It is well within our rights as citizens to ask of the council to question what was Mr. Kennedy's mission? Was it to find the best candidate or to find a candidate outside of the town of Westerly? It is our belief that Mr. Kennedy's intent was to hire an external candidate - not the best candidate. That this decision was made regardless of the fact that he had the best candidate in Captain Lacey.

Thank you for your support, we will keep you informed as we move forward on this journey. If nothing else, it sends a clear message to Town Manager Derrik Kennedy that we will NOT be stifled. Yes, we will move forward, but we will have our opinion and we will be heard. Thank you. 


Initial petition made on 10.31.16.- Town Manager Derrik Kennedy has not put the citizen's, the police departments, or the town's best interest first by electing anyone other than Captain Shawn Lacey to be the Chief of Police in the Town of Westerly. Sign this petition to help urge the town council to take ANY  action necessary to change this decision!  Tell the council and the Town Manager that we will NOT stand for this decision!  Current residents, past residents, and those that stand with the Westerly Police Department's wish to see Captain Lacey be promoted to that of Chief, please feel free to sign and share! 

We understand that this may not hold any legal ground. But it doesn't stop us, as a community, of signing and acknowledging our outrage at the town manager's decision. Please sign and show your support for Captain Shawn Lacey, the Westerly Police Department, and the Town of Westerly. Together, our voices shall be heard! 

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