Update Hawaii State List of Conditionally Approved Fishes

Update Hawaii State List of Conditionally Approved Fishes

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mastah Betta

Why are so many aquarium fish illegal to import into the state of Hawaii?

The aquarium hobby has long been a relaxing and fun hobby for adults and children alike. It’s a hobby that allows people to wind down after a long day. It’s also a hobby that keeps kids out of trouble, and teaches a sense of responsibility. 

With the aquarium hobby expanding throughout the world, why is the state of Hawaii staying at a stand still? The only fish that are allowed to be imported into the state of Hawaii can be found on Hawaii’s List of Conditionally Approved Fishes. This list was last updated on November 28, 2006. Nearly 16 years ago! 

Many of us modern Hawaii aquarium hobbyists follow and watch our favorite aquarium influencers online. Many of these influencers feature beautiful aquarium fish that are legal to own all over the world. It makes many of us here in Hawaii wonder why we can’t own these fish here in “paradise”. 

Many local environmentalists would say that we in Hawaii have a responsibility to protect our native fishes, but if this were the case, why do we have so many predatory fish that are on the List of Conditionally Approved Fishes? For example, the Bumblebee Grouper (Epinephelus Lanceolatus) which can grow up to a massive 8.86 feet long and highly predatory is completely legal to import into the state of Hawaii. These monster fish have been known to eat young sea turtles, and can even survive in brackish and freshwater conditions. The fact that they are highly predatory and can survive in all three types of water (salt, brackish, and fresh) makes this fish a huge threat to our native fish and marine life, especially since most aquarium keepers who acquire this fish will eventually run out of living space for this potential 8.86 foot long beast. It’s insane to think that a fish like the Bumblebee Grouper is legal to import into the state of Hawaii, but tiny and peaceful fish like the Chili Rasbora (Borates Brigittae), and Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Amandae) are illegal.

What can be stopping the state of Hawaii from updating it’s List of Conditionally Approved Fishes? Whether the reason be the lack of funding to pay for research, “non-importance”, or any other reason, It is definitely a matter that the aquarium community and the state of Hawaii can work on together. Funding for research can easily be made through donations to the cause. Also, to narrow spendings on research, the state of Hawaii can work with local importers and fish stores to create a list of certain species that the community would like to be reviewed for the possible addition to the List of Conditionally Approved Fishes. 

Here are the steps listed that we as Hawaii’s aquarium hobbyists can take to possibly work with the state of Hawaii to create a new and updated List of Conditionally Approved Fishes :

  1. Sign this petition. 
  2. Share this petition to friends and family.
  3. Email hdoa.info@hawaii.gov about our movement and a link to this petition.
  4. Check back here to see updates of this movement. 
  • Do not donate to this petition on change.org as the money will not go towards the cause.
  • The GoFundMe will only be created if the state mentions funding as an issue. The official donation link will be posted here if we need to fund Hawaii State Researchers to do the job.
  • Be sure that the GoFundMe is created by MastahBetta LLC before donating to ensure that your donations are indeed going towards our cause and not a scam.

Mahalo for joining this movement to better the future of Hawaii’s Aquarium Hobby. Aloha.

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240 have signed. Let’s get to 500!