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Petitioning The President of the United States


This is not a petition, but rather some information I wish to disclose to everyone who has tried to sign the petition titled, "Tell The U.S. Government We Don't Support Prosecution Or Death Penalty For Bradley Manning!". Many people may have been trying to sign this petition, but were unable to because I enabled settings that allowed the letter to be sent to other government officials, in turn disabling signatures from other countries. It wasn't my intent and it is fixed now, so everyone should be able to sign the petition, no matter where you are from.

We need all the signatures we can possibly muster to try to save this young man and to stand up for him! If you know ANYONE who might like to sign, please send them a link to the petition! Here is the link to the petition:

PLEASE GO THERE TO SIGN THE PETITION AND DON'T SIGN THIS PETITION! Thankyou so much everyone, for your support of PFC Bradley Manning. We should all think with our hearts and consciences in mind, as he did. He is a hero.

Letter to
The President of the United States
Dear Mr.President,

We, the citizens of not only the United States, but from all around the world, strongly disagree with the United States government's choice to pursue criminal charges in the case of PFC Bradley Manning. We believe America should support honesty and respect for human rights, not condemn them. We also believe in the innocence of an honest man who had the heart to expose what he did. Bradley Manning should not be on trial; those who have committed war crimes and crimes of corruption should be the ones who are prosecuted. Let's pursue the war criminals, not those who expose them.

Thankyou for reading our letters in regards to this matter.


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