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Update Computer Science syllabus for Class XI and XII

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The syllabus for Computer Science for Class XI and XII in India is totally outdated. This petition refers to the C++ part of Computer Science, not Python. 

We currently use C++98 standard for making applications and projects! It is quite absurd to note that the standard we currently use is so different than the latest one, and we still use it. Many of the students ask our Computer Science teacher about this, and we get a single reply - It is the syllabus. We can't do anything (The traditional reply that unites all the CS teachers in India). This seriously should not be the case for we the students in India! There has been new standards of C++ like the C++11/14 standards. We need to update our syllabus to match those standards.

If we are going to update the standards of C++, then the Turbo C++ IDE too should be pushed out of the system. It supports only C++98, thus is of no use further. 

God knows why we are using the IDE when even the manufacturer discontinued it and moved on to release newer IDEs. I propose we can use Microsoft Visual Studio for out C++ development. 99.9% of the schools have computers that can run at least Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. For the rest of the schools, we can upgrade the computers.

More funding should be provided for improving the infrastructure of the Indian Educational Institutions! More importance must be given to updating the syllabus to match the current trend in computer science!

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