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UP Unite : Honor our Past ! Defend our Future !

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UP Unite : Honor our Past ! Defend our Future !


We, alumni of the University of the Philippines, remember the Marcos dictatorship as the darkest chapter in recent Philippine history. After the declaration of martial law, student councils, publications, and organizations were banned, free expression and assembly were brutally suppressed, and student leaders and activists were arrested and often tortured while detained without charges. But we persevered and resisted, inspired by the courage of our fellow UP students who joined the struggle against the dictatorship and dared assert the rights and liberties of the people.

Many from UP were martyred in the long night before freedom, but they are remembered and honored. In memory of these fallen UP heroes, and in the name of our sons and daughters, and the generations yet to come, we now take a stand against the ongoing campaign to erase the horrors of the dictatorship and martial law from the national memory. We stand in solidarity with the academic community that has already spoken the truth by exposing attempts to whitewash the Marcos regime’s unrelenting violation of human rights, abuse of power, and plunder of the public coffers, and by presenting the dictatorship and martial law as they truly were: monstrous aberrations that should never again re-emerge in our country.

Thus we, alumni of the University of the Philippines:

a) Condemn the attempts to whitewash the Marcos regime’s vicious violation of human rights, its abuse of power and its plunder of the economy;

b) Support all efforts to ensure that all generations learn the real facts and lessons from the Marcos dictatorship to ensure it never happen again;

c) Call on fellow UP alumni, especially those involved in the 2016 elections, to take a strong stand against the abuses of the Marcos dictatorship; and

d) Oppose and resist any attempt to give Ferdinand E. Marcos a hero’s burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Never Forget ! Never Again !

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