Petition to admit Marcus Rosales to the UP Junior Marketing Assocation

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18 May 2018
Executive Committee
UP Junior Marketing Association

Dear Execomm,

In light of the recent deliberations, we understand that Marcus Rosales was not accepted into the organization due to a perceived lack of effort on his part in the app project and the overall application process. We would like to argue, however, that he has shown a keen interest in and proactive commitment to the organization in all of its thrusts, in addition to playing a quintessential role to the Socials and Public Relations committee throughout the semester.

As an individual applying for the organization for the second time around, Marcus knew to put in more effort than he did in the previous semester, and as the committee guiding him through the application process, we saw more than anyone else said efforts in a multitude of ways. He actively participated in numerous KIDS activities, contributed greatly to his group’s marketing activities, and attended several socials events on top of his generous contribution as a project coordinator of the SPRINT team. Given these alone, it is clear that he gives tremendous efforts to initiatives other than those of his assigned committee, and that he willingly embodies the spirit of UP JMA in three of its four thrusts.

The final thrust of sports, moreover, is something that Marcus, more than anybody else, showed great skill and unmatched commitment in as seen in his active performance during this year’s committee wars. A week after offering his home everyday for our committee’s Talent Night practices, he was quick to cut several of his classes in order to aid SPR in the games despite the fact that he was already set for a delayed graduation as a UP student. In addition, he played a vital role in countless mini-games and all-day games, and we feel as if our victory as champions this year evidences that our committee wards deserve recognition for it just as much as our members do; Marcus was not awarded by Team Sixty as SPR’s most valuable player for no reason.

By all means, we understand that the executive committee has the right to accept applicants they deem fit to be a member of the organization, even if they did attain a lower grade and ranking than Marcus. However, we would like to argue that in addition to his effortless embodiment of the organization’s four thrusts, Marcus has shown a long unseen commitment to the Socials and Public Relations committee throughout the semester, an astonishing attribute considering he is only an applicant and that such commitment is something even current members of the committee struggle to embody. Truly, such commitment, drive, and potential for growth is matched only by a select few individuals not only within the Socials and Public Relations Committee but also within the entire UP Junior Marketing Association. It may not have reflected in his app grade, but Marcus would be a highly value-adding member to the organization in the same way that it has added value to him. We believe that when pushed in the right direction, he can channel that same commitment into the organization as a whole even more than when he did as an applicant, and that we currently have the capable leadership within the executive committee to do so. With this, we would like to humbly appeal once more, as one whole SPR, to have Marcus Rosales admitted into the UP Junior Marketing Association.

Thank you for your kind consideration.



Socials and Public Relations Committee

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