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Challenge Rape Culture at UOIT

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We Believe Survivors is a coalition made up of students, alumni, faculty members and community members.

We came together because we are concerned that UOIT’s 2016 Policy on Sexual Violence for Students does not fully support students and does not effectively contribute to ending sexual violence and rape culture on campus. 

Students made presentations to the UOIT Board of Governors in May 2017 voicing their concerns with the policy. They asked the Board to strengthen the policy by hiring a gender and sexuality resources coordinator and improving the consultation process with students. The Board of Governors promised to review the policy in one year – May 2018.

We Believe Survivors’ objectives are to campaign for UOIT to meaningfully commit to ending sexual violence on campus through:

  • improved training, designed and conducted by those experienced in this work;
  • inclusion and implementation of anti-rape culture education as part of the policy;
  • clarification of accountability and transparency measures to ensure the policy is followed; and
  • open-minded and improved processes when consulting with students in reviewing the policy.

Strategies for accomplishing these objectives include but are not limited to: on-campus and online consciousness raising; hosting a public panel on best practices in developing and implementing sexual violence policies; and coordinating responses to present to the Board of Governors during policy review.

This is an opportunity to make a difference in supporting students who have experienced sexual violence in the UOIT community. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions about how to improve the policy and its implementation, and end sexual violence on campus. Would you like to join us?

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