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Eliminate UNT's ParkMobile App

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The ParkMobile App that has been implemented in the various parking garages at UNT is incredibly inconvenient for students. Parking garages are useful when students either don't have enough money to buy a parking permit, or cannot find a parking space. (Which is an entirely other issue.) With parking garages, it makes sense to pay for the time you are actually on campus, and have the peace of mind that you will actually find a parking spot in time to make it to class. The ParkMobile app has complicated the entire process and reasoning behind parking garages.

  1. Not every student has access to a smartphone: These students then don't even get the opportunity to park in this parking garage without getting a citation. 
  2. Students are not reimbursed for unused time: Since the ParkMobile app makes you select a specific time, either in increments by the hour or 12 minutes at a time. If you end up leaving campus earlier than anticipated, you are still paying for the time you are not parking. This is highly unacceptable. Students should never have to pay excess money while not utilizing what they are paying for, and NOT BEING ABLE TO GET REIMBURSED BY THE ALLOTTED TIME. Why would the not be an option to cancel a session?!
  3. Students do not always have the convenience to extend the time: If students are in class or a meeting, are they expected to disrupt their learning in order to get on their phone to extend their session? What happens if the phone dies? They then pay for a full day of parking, PLUS get a citation for any time they accidentally go over. 
  4. Technical issues: If the phone does not have service, or has trouble connecting to the app, students then get penalized by something that wasn't their fault. 

As students, we deserve the necessary amenities to better allow us to succeed. 


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