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Sit-in on today's Board of Regents meeting

We can't say thank you enough to everyone that has signed this petition and joined our movement. In less than a week we have nearly 2,300 signatures! But this was just the first step. At 1:00pm today, we are calling on YOU to meet in the Org Space (Union 337) wearing all black where we will then walk over to Union 333 to sit-in on the Board of Regents meeting until 3:00pm. On Friday, November 15, SGA President, Yolian Ogbu, and other student leaders within the Black Student Coalition will present to the Board of regents outlining the Strategic Plan for Improving the Black Student Experience. We believe these demands, when enacted, will help achieve a truly welcoming climate at UNT where diversity is embraced and supported. So today we want to send the message loud and clear: this is #NotMyUNT. Students are watching - we are watching.  So be sure to show up today at 1:00pm in Union 337 because our voices won't be silenced.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at sga@unt.edu or message us on Twitter @untsga.

UNT Student Government Association
2 years ago