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Remove all 'Beat the Freshman 15' posters from Kerr Dining Hall.

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Several posters in Kerr Dining Hall, which primarily services freshman students (aged 18-19), blast a message to "Beat the Freshman 15." This refers to a mythical belief that the majority of first year college students gain an average of 15 lbs falsely connected to unhealthy eating.

These posters negatively impact students eating at Kerr Dining Hall, extending to visitors - many of whom are students under 18 attending field trips or pre-college tours. This message of keeping weight off creates an unsafe environment amongst an age range where eating and fitness disorders run high.

95% of those who have eating disorders are aged 12-25.

91% of women on college campuses have attempted to control their weight through dieting, 25% of whom have done so through binge eating or purging.

Nearly half of all teenage girls have reported wanting to lose weight because of pictures seen in magazines.

Over 1/2 of teenage girls, and 1/3 of teenage boys have attempted to control their weight through unhealthy habits - including fasting, purging, and even smoking cigarettes.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, yet only 1 in 10 of those suffering will seek treatment.

By taking these posters down and replacing them with alternative messages supporting healthy eating, time spent outdoors, and exercise, a more supportive environment will exist for students to dine in. By creating these types of environments the mental and physical health of students can be further and better protected.

Join us in demanding UNT Dining Services remove these triggering posters, and replace them with smarter altenatives.

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