Stop Albany Primary School from changing the enrolment zone

Stop Albany Primary School from changing the enrolment zone

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Albany Primary School recently announced a proposal to change its enrolment scheme in an effort to deal with the ever-increasing student enrolment figures that is causing the school to stretch its limit beyond its existing infrastructure. The proposed enrolment changes are planned to take effect after 18 December 2019 and the proposed enrolment zone map excludes the entire Unsworth Heights suburb. Details can be found on the enrolment section of the Albany Primary School website at

How does this affect Unsworth Heights residents?

Unsworth Heights has always been a part of the Albany community. Over the past decades, many Unsworth Heights children have attended and graduated from Albany Primary School. In fact, many young families have moved into Unsworth Heights in recent years to join the vibrant Albany community and to enrol or have plans to enrol our children in Albany Primary School once they reach the eligible school-entry age of 5 years old. However if the proposed enrolment scheme is implemented, many of our local children may no longer be eligible to join their peers and/or siblings at Albany Primary School.

What other implications will the proposed enrolment scheme lead to?

Once it is established that Unsworth Heights is no longer within the Albany Primary School enrolment zone, it is foreseeable that families with young children may choose to move out of the suburb and others may refrain from moving into our suburb. This in turn may lead to a significant change in demographics due to a drop in the number of young families in our neighbourhood. In addition, this could set the precedence for other local schools to follow suit, including Albany Junior School and Albany Senior School.