Requesting UNSW to allow Iranian students to pay tuition fees in instalments.

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Recently an increasing number of international financial sanctions have been applied to Iranian nationals globally. Iranian students in Australia are no exception and have been facing ongoing issues and restrictions for transferring money from their home country.

This issue has been causing a lot of stress and anxiety for these students preventing them to have proper focus and concentration in their studies. In fact, money transfer is just part of the students and their families challenge in paying the tuition fees given that the Iranian local currency has reaches approx. 1/3 of its value compared to AUD over the last 12 months.

Given that this situation is really beyond anything students and their families could have ever imagined and have had no control over it, we are wondering whether as an interim solution, the university would grant Iranian students the option to pay their tuition fees in installments.

Given the severity of the matter and potentially the large number of students who may be affected by this, we would truly and heartily appreciate the university’s consideration of this matter. Hopefully, paying the tuition fees through installments will at least grant the students and their families some assistance to better manage these unfair and challenging conditions.