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End MDIA3005 | UNSW students should expect realistic and fair course requirements

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Over the past few years MDIA3005 students have been forced to complete unrealistic expectations in order to finish their final years of study. 

The MDIA3005 course requirements are as follows:

A1 20% weighting:

- 1500 word research and strategy

A2 30% weighting:

- 60 minute quiz, with 60 questions across the entirety of the course information

A3 50% weighting:

- A Social media campaign consisting of:

  • 12 x 500 word posts = 6000 words
  • 12 x 300 word posts = 3600 words 
  • A reflection = 2500 words
  • A presentation

In total, this campaign is: 12100 words 

This is an unacceptable expectation of third year students. They are already under the burden of other courses.

In addition, the marking criteria are grossly geared towards wealthy students. 

Several students have already made complaints after the course convener declared that higher marks will be awarded to students with higher "reach" on their posts. 

When asked whether students were allowed to "boost" posts (paying real money to achieve higher reach) the convener said this was acceptable. 

This course is geared towards the wealthy, and assigns unrealistic and stress-inducing requirements on last year students. 

From mature-aged students to social media professionals completing the course, it is agreed that this current assignment structure has no benefit on our future employment, no benefit on our study and certainly no benefit on our mental health. 

Hence, we ask the university to intervene and act upon the behalf of the students it exists to represent. This course/assignments should be immediately restructured or compensation provided. 

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