Oppose Anti-Community Policing Bills: SB 168, SB 394, SB 311 and HB 1427

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The Problem:

The list of African Americans who have died at the hands of police or in police custody took a front seat last summer as people around the world saw the killing of George Floyd.  The cries of the African American community were heard by a multiracial coalition of citizens as they took to the streets to demand justice for the fallen and changes to policing.  While some legislators heard the call from the community and put forth bills to help improve the system, other legislators chose to advance legislation that protects bad police officers giving them more cover to cause harm and foment additional mistrust in the community.

Senate Bill 168, co-authored by Indiana State Senators Jack Sandlin and Scott Baldwin, if passed, places the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) under the control of the Indiana State Police Department. The bill calls for the establishment of a five-member board of police commissioners, with four out of five positions appointed by the governor.   

Senate Bill 394 authored by Indiana State Senator Aaron Freeman and House Bill 1427 authored by Indiana Representative Mike Speedy, if passed would eliminate majority citizen led use of force  general orders boards, both of which were advocated for by the community.

Senate Bill 311 authored by Senators Scott Baldwin, Jack Sandlin and Chris Garten, if passed would allow officers to disregard the use of force continuum in police interactions and prohibit units of government from passing ordinances to restrict use of force.

State legislators are trying to move us backward with SB 394, SB 311 and HB 1427. They are trying to take over the community’s police department in SB 168.

We marched this summer. Let your voice be heard!

Take Action:

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