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Unseat D.A. Tony Rackauckas 2014 for Not Prosecuting Child Molesters!

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Everyone! Please sign this petition to Unseat Orange County D.A. Tony Rackauckas in 2014! We need to start early to make sure he is not re-elected next year. 

Please participate from anywhere in the world. We all need to support each other in letting the public know that D.A. Rackauckas is not protecting our children, our most.

D.A. Rackauckas has abundant evidence of horrific, continuous sexual assault of a little nine year-old girl by her father, submitted to him by law enforcement months ago. But, not only has he not filed charges against the alleged perpetrator, he has refused to even do the minimum to protect Little Lexi—issue a protective order to get her out of his his full custody and control, where Family Court Judge James Waltz placed her. 

Nationally renowned civil attorney Brian Claypool is advocating for Little Lexi's mother in her efforts to protect her.

These are the charges recommended by law enforcement, multiple counts on all, some of which are so serious as to carry a life sentence: 
CPC 288a - Lewd Act 
CPC 273(a)(b) - Child Abuse 
CPC 288.5 - Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child 
CPC 289(a)(1)(A) - Anal Penetration 
CPC 288a(a) - Oral Copulation 
CPC 288.7(b) - Oral Copulation with Victim under 10 years old 

Not only has D.A. Rackauckas endangered Little Lexi, but he has severely comprised the prosecution’s case by allowing the victim to continue to live with the suspect. The suspect can intimidate and threaten her and the D.A. is aware that the alleged perp has hired a therapist to brainwash Lexi into recanting the abuse. 

Also, by not arresting the suspect, who is obviously a flight risk considering the life sentence penalty, he is allowing the perpetrator to flee the country if he so chooses--and take Lexi with him! That shows D.A. Rackauckas is setting the stage to avoid prosecuting the suspect, i.e. he is enabling a predator. 

Child sexual assault is a serious crime and should be handled by D.A.'s, not Family Courts or CPS, who routinely cover up evidence and force children to live with their molesters.

Former sex crimes prosecutor and national media legal analyst, Wendy Murphy, has called for D.A.'s to be held accountable for not prosecuting child sexual assault. If a child reports sexual assault, she asserts the D.A. is obligated to prosecute. 

A child should be presumed credible unless proven otherwise as the research shows it is extremely rare for children to fabricate sexual abuse. Jury instructions already exist which instruct them to convict if they believe the child is credible. 

By not filing charges against alleged perpetrators when a child reports sexual abuse, District Attorneys are failing in their obligation to serve and protect the public. So we, the people, are demanding it through our democratic power to unseat them. 

We demand our elected officials be held accountable! Every day that is wasted, countless children are being terrorized and traumatized! 

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