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Provide FINANCIAL 'Relief' to james rasura.

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james rasura was quietly "on his way to take some Clothes to the Cleaners AND some library materials TO the Library"; when an officer Approached him AT A PUBLIC BUS STOP. Scared, he "tried' to walk away; and Subsequently WAS THROWN TO THE GROUND AND HANDCUFFED. When he "further" Attempted ESCAPE; he was Maced "in the eyes"......causing EXTREME Pain and making him cry. This "occured" in Downtown L.A.; outside the Federal Court Building on Spring Street.
In Naperville (Il.), while waiting "for an Amtrak train" (in Hopes of returning Home to Family), a Smoker "was violating The Law by smoking on the Train Platform. james was "sitting nearby', and the Smoke was making him sick. He "attempted" to Ask the person to Leave, but the person "was engaged in an Animated on a Cell Phone". Unable to "get" the persons' attention, he 'Tapped' them on the shoulder with his cane.
Immediately, the person "acted startled" and Said: I'm Calling The Police. You ASSAULTED Me!! When the Police Arrived, james was Scared. THREE Officers responded, and Informed him: You're Under Arrest. He "lifted" his cane towards them; and Immediately they RUSHED him; throwing him To The Ground and "one of them" USING A Taser Gun on him. (THAT "officer" LATER transported james to the police station; and, once Inside the Garage, DRAGGED james ON THE GROUND into the station "when james said he could not walk".
James IS Disabled. He Uses (and has used) A Wheelchair and/or Cane for several years. He suffers from Anemia and Arthritis.
He was "subsequently" Charged with ASSAULT; when In TRUTH 'He' was the one who Was Assaulted.

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