Support the cause : Action Against Hunger- Bangladesh

Support the cause : Action Against Hunger- Bangladesh

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Started by Harmanraj Kaur
Bangladesh is not only one of the world’s most populous countries, it’s also home to some of the highest rates of undernutrition around, with millions of children under the age of five suffering from severe malnutrition and 31.5 percent of the country living in poverty. The country’s public health is further undermined by poorly developed water resources, inadequate sanitation and hygiene practices, and recurring natural disasters such as cyclones and seasonal floods, which are made worse by climate change.

Following massive population movements from the Rakhine State in Myanmar in August 2017, large numbers of Rohingya and members of others ethnic minorities crossed the border with Bangladesh. Currently, about one million people have taken shelter in refugee camps and villages in Cox’s Bazar. More than 40 percent of the children are stunted, and the severe acute malnutrition rates are far above the World Health Organization's emergency thresholds.

Therefore, we are volunteering with Action Against Hunger to put an end to this heartbreaking situation. As we enter the end-of-year festive period, we plead that you please have a thought for these children and donate today to ensure they do not starve ever again. Remember it only takes $45 to completely save a malnourished child.

Every little helps...

Merry Christmas in advance !!!!

As they rightly say, charity begins at home. We need to stop wasting food.
Further, it is necessary that apart from the intervention from international bodies, we, as individuals donate in cash and kind to help the needy, for we are blessed.

Personal story
It was heart wrenching to see it all over the news but feeling so powerless to be able to do nothing about it. Therefore, this is an attenpt to draw attention towards the issue and wage war against hunger.
479 have signed. Let’s get to 500!