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Unlock the Back Gateway @ Desert View High School

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We, the student body, appreciate that Desert View High School ensures our security from the minute we depart from school to our safe arrival home. We understand that school administration and staff are entirely responsible for each and every individual on campus. We recognize the accord decided upon is conveniently proposed to decrease the chances of vandalism and destruction on school property and additionally the neighboring areas, this decision holds the intention of preserving the reputation of Desert View High School but it disregards the health and safety of a multitude of students. If we are hastily cutting through the desert to make it to school or back home securely, how much higher is the risk? While student and personnel security is of the utmost concern, students who now must reroute their daily tour home are exposed to further dangers such as traffic accidents or abductions, all of which can be easily avoided with an updated plan of action.

A dominant factor responsible for the tardies and absences of numerous students is due undeniably to the early dawning of our schedule. Closing the most proximate entry and exit for many students would further impair and increase the amount of absence appeals filed by students and their parents/guardians. With the rearmost gateway remaining locked, there are indubiously multiple red flags that are raised towards the safety and well-being of the communal student body -- not only would students and their families necessitate an alternative transportation arrangement but students themselves or parents would go out of their way to shift their regular schedules in order to assure a prompt and punctual scholar onset. Furthermore, closing the gate would perhaps fix a few problems, but in turn would create many more.

A great number of students utilize this entry as a commonplace route to and from school without having to walk a further distance considering those students reside near the gate. The majority of these students have not disrupted or destroyed the neighboring properties, thus proving exceedingly unfair to the entire student body; we who are not responsible for the transgression committed by a limited number of students. We have proven years before this incident that we respect neighborhood property and we are simply trying to go home, therefore the only punishment that should be enforced should be directed towards those distinct students who caused the ruin of the damaged concrete wall.

Here is the unified statement assembled by students of Desert View High School regarding the collective decision to permanently close the campus’ rear gateways: we request that during the time students are on campus and predators kept off campus, we students also be allowed a safe and efficient route to access our learning as well our homes. We who are here today propose a mutually beneficial resolution that elicits both the needs of effective transit and safety measures to favor all attendees of Desert View High School. We ask nothing more than twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes following student release for the gate to be unlocked and actively monitored for the benefit of students whose safety and attendance depend on this turnstile. Allowing us this opportunity to prove to you that we are plainly trying to get from destination ‘A’ to ‘B’ in the most practical way feasible, would we demonstrate our intentions are of the highest good of all who are involved. While my “twenty-twenty” proposal seems respectfully valid within reason, it is certainly negotiable and up for refining suggestions.

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