Petition update

Stop False Diagnoses Leading to Forced Psychiatric Detainment for Victims

John Smith
Columbus, OH

May 8, 2013 — An extremely important petition that you must sign as well: ‘Stop False Diagnoses Leading to Forced Psychiatric Detainment to cover Illegal Human Experimentation and Military Training Resulting in Torture’. To many citizens of our country have become victims of military training of deadly weapons, contractor research, ‘cloaked’ by organized stalking as surveillance contractors or community watch groups. We are all victims, some more damaged than others. This is inhumane and against our Constitution, and it must stop. Only the rich are getting richer as these needless weapons are being developed, tested and trained on 'unwitting citizens and military personnel'. Military personnel in the fields, fighting unnecessary wars and used as targets for testing. Congress is responsible for this genocide.


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