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Lawmakers Urge Oversight on U.S. Drone Program

John Smith
Columbus, OH

Feb 11, 2013 —

What must be in question is the targeting process, training and re-certification process, along with the testing and evaluation of these unmanned drones as well. Torture testing can no longer be conducted on 'unwitting' citizens of this planet.

As the ACLU FOIA drone training and certification documents requires a number of 'human targets', hits and or kills. If 30,000 additional drones are released over the skies of these United States of America what will happen? Currently there are hundreds of drones per state already glowing in our night skies with kill capabilities, stealing our privacy and testing developed weapons for war. We currently have millions of citizens coming forward as victims of non-consensual weapons testing including our military personnel and their high number of suicides. Congress must address why are innocent civilians being reported as terrorist to our President?

Lawmakers urge oversight of US drone program
Lawmakers urge oversight of US drone program
President Barack Obama's use of unmanned drones to kill Americans who are suspected of being al-Qaida allies deserves closer inspection, lawmakers said Sunday, as even some of the president's allies suggested uneasiness about the program. Obama's stance toward the terrorist threats facing the United States has left some Democrats and Republicans alike nervous about the unmanned drones targeting the nation's enemies from the skies.