Petition update

Congratulation to All Who Signed This Petition..Today We Reached 1000!

John Smith
Columbus, OH

Aug 7, 2012 — Today we reached a goal of 1000 signatures which made a true statement regarding non-consensual human experimentation on civilians and our military personnel. Today I say, THANK YOU.

I want the petition to remain open so that additional signatures, Senators, House of Representatives, our President and the ACLU can understand the importance of what is happening to our country and its people. The damage and criminal acts that a ‘few’ with trillions in government funding has committed against citizens of this world. We all want to live in peace and we need to remind our leaders that they themselves and prior leaders of this country have passed laws to protect its citizens from torture and the acts of non-consensual experimentation yet DOD Directives torture exist. It is time for Congress to call for investigations into those government agencies, contractors, researchers and others who are committing these inhumane acts against our world and pass legislation to STOP these atrocities NOW


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