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John Smith
Columbus, OH

Aug 1, 2012 — US Human Rights Alert! Stop radiation poisoning & torture from long-term "Electronic Surveillance"
Created By
Charles Kartchner

The only humans that are benefiting from the development of surveillance technology that is developed to ether collect 'signal' information (cell calls and voice conversations) are those documented as earning as much as 750 Billion per year Post 9/11 and releasing Electromagnetic Pulses or Frequencies. Those Towers placed around our communities, causing health problems, heart attacks, migraines, cancers, ringing in the ears, tumors, muscle and joint pains, damage to our nervous systems and reproductive organs and more, are the corporations who are building them. Satellites, Drones and hovercraft emitting harmful radiation while using technology to see 'though-our-walls' to invade our privacy or capture our most personal of moments.


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